What is Philosophical Consulting?

What is philosophical consulting and how does it work?

As a Philosophical consultant, I practice a mixed methods approaching blah blah blah.  One method is Logic-Based Therapy (LBT), developed by Elliot D. Cohen, who was a student and "philosopher on call" for Albert Ellis, the father of Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), which is the father to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The main difference is that while CBT was developed in a psychological context and seeks to uncover the psychological causes of our beliefs, LBT seeks to understand our reasoning process and the justification for our beliefs, emotions, and behavior.   The benefit to this approach is that LBT is present focused (justification) rather than past focused (causes) and can address deep problems of life through our present situation to lead to future flourishing.

In LBT, the practioner helps clients identify, analyze, and respond to logically flawed thinking patterns that can lead to emotional distress or problematic behaviors. These fallacies, or "logical pitfalls", underlie and perpetuate our cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems.

What can philosophical consulting sessions do for me?